Special School Board Meeting to discuss curriculum

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STPSB will be holding a special meeting September 25, at 7:00. It is being held because of concerns parents raised at the previous meeting about the curriculum being used in St. Tammany parish. Please attend and voice your issues with what and how our children are being taught. Even if you do not want to speak, just being there will go a long way.


STPSB meeting Sept 11

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I attended the STPSB meeting last night. My first in several months. Many parents spoke during public comments about the awful math curriculum being used in St. Tammany parish. After the comments, board member Neal Hennegan requested opening the agenda to add a vote on holding a special meeting in order to discuss these concerns before the regular October meeting. The request required a vote on opening the agenda which needed a unanimous decision. All members voted in favor except board member Elizabeth Heintz. When questioned by parents as to why she voted against, her reason was that Trey Folse and Cheryl Arabie need time to prepare. What about the children and parents who are dealing with this???

St. Tammany Parish School Board Resolution on Common Core

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I attended the meeting tonight and I am holding in my hand a draft of the resolution requesting removal from CCSS and PARCC. I was told that they will have it posted early next week. I will link to it as soon as it is available. They voted to approve the draft tonight and they will vote on the final resolution at the school board meeting on October 10. Thank you St. Tammany Parish School Board for being a leader in this fight for our children’s education!

STPSB resolution against Common Core

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7:00 October 3rd. I will be there!!!

School Board Member Ron Bettencourtt’s Community Meeting

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Another School Board member, Ron Bettencourtt, is holding a community meeting Tuesday, September 24 @ Lake Harbor Middle School, 7pm.

Just a note – you do not have to be in the district to attend the meeting. It is open to anyone. This will be the third one not in my district that I attend. There is a lot of good information provided and a chance to hear other parents’ concerns.

School Board Member Peggy Seeley’s Community Meeting

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Meeting @ 7pm about Common Core @ Pearl River HS. I am planning on attending this meeting, also. I want to thank Peggy and Mary K. for holding these meetings!!

From email:
By the way, on Monday evening I’ll be attending School Board Member Peggy Seeley’s Community Meeting at 7:00 at Pearl River High. The theme – Common Core. As far as I know, Peggy is the only other board member planning to hold one of these Community Meetings devoted to Common Core.
So if you all want to come, that would be helpful, as so many of you are well informed on this topic.
If others missed my meeting and the school board meeting last week, they may want to catch Peggy’s meeting on Monday evening.

Pearl River High is just off Hwy. 41 (the main road through the town of Pearl River.)
There is a “School” sign which indicates the short, small road that goes up to the front of the high school.
Parking in front will give access to both the cafeteria (in front of the school) and the gym (further back on the right.) I’m not sure which one will be used for this meeting.

St. Tammany Parish School Board Committe as a Whole Meeting – 9/5/13

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Here is the video of the STPSB Committe as a Whole Meeting held on September 5, 2013. Be warned it is over 2 hours long. It begins with parents speaking out about the Common Core for about 20 minutes. There is also another agenda item on the Common Core about 37 minutes into the video along with more parent comments and BESE member, James Garvey, comments.

I would like to thank all the board members for allowing our voices to be heard. It speaks volumes that they allowed several speakers to continue past their allotted time (3 minutes) to complete their statements.

What I learned that night:

  • The School Board voted against Race to the Top and do not support the Common Core.
  • The curriculum development team is working like crazy to develop the curriculum for this year. As of last week, they have only developed until October. I have no doubt that they are doing the very best that they can for our children and our teachers, but it is not the way that a curriculum should be developed.
  • BESE member, James Garvey, voted for Race to the Top and when asked toward the end of the meeting if he supported Common Core, he said yes.



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