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which states won “The Race” (I was)

DE – $119,122,128

DC – $74,998,962

FL – $700,000,000

GA – $399,952,650

HI – $74,934,761

MD – $249,999,182

MA – $250,000,000

NY – $696,646,000

NC – $399,465,769

OH – $400,000,000

RI – $75,000,000

TN – $500,741,220

AZ – $25,080,554

CO -$17,946,236

IL – $42,818,707

KY – $17,037,544

LA – $17,442,972

NJ – $37,847,648

PA – $41,326,299

Total $4,140,360,632

19 states total. 6 states (Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee) received 75% of the total funds. Louisiana won a Phase 3 award of $17 million in December 2011.


New Report: Race to the Top Is “Impossible” and”Damaging”

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Diane Ravitch's blog

The Broader Bolder Approach released
a 100-page report in conjunction
with the American
Association of School Administrators lambasting the Obama
administration’s Race to the Top program. RTTT’s goals are
“impossible” and may even be damaging schools, the report said.
RTTT handed out $4.35 billion to 11 states to implement changes for
which there was no evidence, like test-based teacher evaluation.
Critics of the report said that it was too soon to make a judgment
but RTTT funding runs out in one year. “The 100-page report,
released Thursday, argues that policies should tackle the effects
of poverty while simultaneously making schools better. By not
targeting out-of-school factors like nutrition and parental income,
the report says, and by focusing on teacher evaluation systems that
often result in harsh consequences without much useful feedback,
Race to the Top goals are severely mismatched with its

For another analysis of the report, see Valerie…

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