Two very important town hall meetings on Common Core

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Two very important town hall meetings will be held in St. Tammany. One in Covington hosted by Representative Schroder and one in Slidell hosted by Senator Crowe. It is so important that everyone against cc attends. It is past time to show that we are way more than a vocal minority.


STPSB meeting Sept 11

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I attended the STPSB meeting last night. My first in several months. Many parents spoke during public comments about the awful math curriculum being used in St. Tammany parish. After the comments, board member Neal Hennegan requested opening the agenda to add a vote on holding a special meeting in order to discuss these concerns before the regular October meeting. The request required a vote on opening the agenda which needed a unanimous decision. All members voted in favor except board member Elizabeth Heintz. When questioned by parents as to why she voted against, her reason was that Trey Folse and Cheryl Arabie need time to prepare. What about the children and parents who are dealing with this???

Louisiana teacher, Mercedes Schneider, speaks at NPE conference

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“No Child Left Behind morphed into Common Core” “Common Core, if not removed, will morph into something else unless it is completely destroyed”

Watch St. Tammany teacher, Mercedes Schneider, speak at Network for Public Education conference in Austin, TX.

Stand for Children Louisiana: Teachers “Like” Common Core

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Thanks Mercedes! Two things that caught my eye right away were the 90% with “some or comprehensive knowledge” of CC and the ridiculous graph that you pictured in your post. Doing my best to determine the percentages from the graph, I came up with about 150 “supporters”. Still less than half of the teachers surveyed if I round up. My favorite was the 100% of one percent of 12th grade teachers. It boggles my mind that they would even put it in there. I look at that graph and it tells me that the majority of teachers in the majority of grades are not supporters of CC.

Washington Parish School Board takes stand against Common core

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Thank you Washington Parish School Board!

Thank you for putting children and their education first. Hoping other parishes follow theirs and St. Tammany’s lead.

Town Hall meeting with Rep. Schroder in Madisonville

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TOWN HALL MEETING – Hosted by State Representative John Schroder
Topic: Common Core
Wednesday, October 23rd at 6pm
Madisonville Library (1123 Main Street)

Update on format:

State Representative John Schroder

Wednesday Town Hall – October 23 6:00pm Madisonville Public Library Because the library closes at 8 pm, the meeting must end by 7:45pm. Format for the meeting: 1. Questions should be written on paper and submitted to the handler. (If you would like to prepare your questions in advance and bring them with you, please …do.) 2. Questions will be drawn and read to the audience and panel. 3. We will have opponents and proponents that will be able to reply to questions. 4. The panel’s emails will be provided in case your question was not answered or if you have additional questions.

Common Core Rally – BESE update for Oct 15 2013

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Spot on analysis of the BESE meeting (October 15, 2013) by Crazy Crawfish!!

Crazy Crawfish

That did not go as well as I’d hoped, but I suppose as well as I expected. The BESE meeting was a hot mess with CCSS not being started till almost 8 at night, after John White sprung on the audience that had been waiting for 12 hours that he had a 10 minute presentation to deliver (that took 10 minutes to even load) and an additional 45 minutes to cover what seemed like 20 or 30 slides. That was a mockery of the democratic process. I had learned that John White was summoning companies like Exxon, and faux parents groups funded by Bill Gates, not local parents, like Stand for Children, Louisiana to testify. It must be nice for people like Rayne Martin (a former RSD and LDOE employee) to be able to do that as part of your very high paid job. Perhaps as good as Holly Boffy’s…

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