During a conference with my child’s teachers last year, I heard the words “Common Core” for the first time. His teachers did not come out and say anything negative about the Common Core, but something in their demeanors made me believe that they were worried. I decided that I needed to learn all I could about this program. I have been reading a lot in the last 8 months about the Common Core and other educational reforms that are being forced into our schools and, to be honest, I am ashamed that it took me so long to become aware of these issues.

This site is not just for parents of children attending Pine View Middle School. It is for anyone who believes in public education. I chose the title for a couple of reasons.

First, Pine View Middle is the school that my child currently attends. After a chance encounter and conversation with a fellow parent a few weeks ago about the struggles she and her child were facing with school, I realized that they were very similar to what my child and I were experiencing. I went home that evening thinking. There were probably many more families that were dissatisfied with where the public education system was heading. I realized that communicating with others makes us stronger and it helps to know that you are not alone. That was the seed. I needed a way to open the lines of communication with other parents whose paths I may not normally cross.

Second, I believe the best way to start building something is with a strong, solid foundation. This will be mine. The children, the parents, and teachers of Pine View Middle School in Covington, Louisiana.


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