He should be worried with Mercedes on his tail!!


Bill Gates is heavily invested in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). However, CCSS is in trouble. Even US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is desperately trying to save them.

Forget the students and teachers. It’s The Standards that the likes of Gates and Duncan wish to rescue.

Gates/Scholastic CCSS Survey Result “Early Release”

In order to promote the image of CCSS as being embraced by teachers, Gates has partnered with Scholastic to produce the 2013 version of Gates education survey, Primary Sources. Even though the survey isn’t ready yet for release, Gates has decided to publish an “early release”, a report based upon the part of the survey focused on teachers’ views of CCSS.

Of course, this early release presents positive results:

Teachers support CCSS.

Imagine that.

Never mind that Gates’ partner in this survey project, Scholastic, has taken $4.5 million from Gates to “support teachers’  implementation of the Common…

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