This is why we need all parents who do not want this for their children to speak up.

Crazy Crawfish

Please read this post by Mike Deshotels, one of my allies in the fight to protect our children, our teachers and our public education system. He details a private meeting among folks that see our children as nothing more than “Human Capital.” This is actually a department John White created at LDOE to describe teachers but it just as easily can be used to describe how these folks feel about our students. He even built a data system around this belief that we are not people, not individuals, just Human Cattle, er, I mean, Capital.

They don’t see children and parents as people, they see children as raw materials, and parents as “obstacles” to be overcome.

A small private meeting was held in Baton Rouge a couple of weeks ago including representatives of several highly influential power brokers who are dedicated to a major overhaul and privatization of our…

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