Thanks for posting this Jason. Guess which district I live in, also….
The pressure is on. They cannot give legitimate reasons or facts concerning Common Core and that makes them nervous. Let’s keep it up. The more nervous they are and the more they realize that we are on to them, the better. Let’s keep them on the run (right out of office).

Crazy Crawfish

I would like to thank all of you who came out to support our call to take back public education in Louisiana at the Rally this Saturday. I spoke with many parents and teachers (in both public and private schools) about their concerns about the federal Common Core Curriculum, and informed them of many other goings on at the Louisiana Department of Education. I explained just tiniest fraction of the issues I’ve covered over the past two years and I literally saw jaws dropping open in disbelief. Most parents and teachers have been oblivious to what has been going on with education in our State, but they are starting to wake up and ask questions, and for that I am especially thankful.

As I said during my speech to close out the rally, we must engage our political leaders, and ask them the hard questions that they have never been…

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