“This is just the beginning, Bobby. How long this battle lasts is entirely up to you, but each day you wait is one more day we have to get stronger.”


Crazy Crawfish

The Stop the Common Core Curriculum Rally was held this Saturday and by most accounts was a remarkable success. While several media outlets tried to portray this as a Tea Party event, and while there were tea party folks there and who helped organize it, I had the privilege of meeting many parents, students and teachers from all walks of life and political background. Many, if not most, had never been to a political rally before but this was a cause they felt very strongly about. The impromptu theme for the event was “We are not uninformed. We know what Common Core is, and we reject it.” This was a message repeated by many speakers and which showed up on several signs brought by protesters. I will show you all the pictures I took, including one of me standing triumphantly on the steps of the Claiborne building, in…

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