The RSD is the model Louisiana used in its RTTT application. This is what they want for all of Louisiana.


New Orleans’ Recovery School District (RSD) is being promoted nationwide as a model of corporate reform “turnaround.”  Thus, numerous legislatures, superintendents and school boards across the country are facing the question of whether or not to emulate RSD.

In this post, I address school officials who are tempted to believe and adopt the RSD “miracle.”  RSD success is a lie.  I have written extensively on the RSD façade. All of my posts are well documented; I am a trained researcher, and I know the value of supporting my assertions with evidence. I realize that elected and appointed officials also need documentation to support critical education decisions.  Read my work. You will be well informed.

As for the state-run schools in New Orleans: There is no miracle. The show is being staged.

Jindal et. al Are Selling an Image

In this post, I examine several points worthy of serious consideration by those with the power to hand their…

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