Here we go again with the CCSS support propaganda from an organization that has accepted millions from Bill Gates to promote the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

The National Education Association (NEA) wants you to want CCSS.

It conducted a survey.

Surprise, surprise.

NEA has decided to fully follow in the American Federation of Teachers’ (AFT’s) footsteps. AFT accepted Gates money for promoting the CCSS; so did NEA. AFT conducted a survey in which it reported that teachers “overwhelmingly” approved of CCSS; NEA now has its own survey in which it reports that its members “strongly support” CCSS. The AFT survey result actually showed that most teachers surveyed “somewhat approve” of CCSS, yet AFT spun the result as one of “overwhelming” approval. Now NEA is spinning its 50% CCSS approval with “some reservations” as “strong approval.”

NEA must spread this “strong” approval message, for it has accepted millions to promote this message– just like…

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