Can “Reform” Produce Illiterate Literacy?.

I absolutely love this!!!

Teachers, parents! Do not take what they say about the Common Core State Standards at face value. Do your own research. Please! Make your own decision!

Taken from an article in the Advocate about the transition to CC in Plaquemines Parish.

With the implementation of Common Core over the last two years, she has said goodbye to rulers, Mr. Gallon Man (a visual aide that helped students learn units of measurement such as pints, quarts, and gallons), and coins.

She hasn’t taken the losses too hard — noting that fewer and fewer people even use coins and that it’s far more important for her students to understand concepts such as place value.

“The old coin lessons are not even appropriate as people shift to debit cards,” she said. “Even the proverbial ‘tooth fairy’ brings paper money nowadays.”

The old coin lessons are not even appropriate???? Are you kidding me??? This is part of the problem. She does not question. She just follows.