Here is the video of the STPSB Committe as a Whole Meeting held on September 5, 2013. Be warned it is over 2 hours long. It begins with parents speaking out about the Common Core for about 20 minutes. There is also another agenda item on the Common Core about 37 minutes into the video along with more parent comments and BESE member, James Garvey, comments.

I would like to thank all the board members for allowing our voices to be heard. It speaks volumes that they allowed several speakers to continue past their allotted time (3 minutes) to complete their statements.

What I learned that night:

  • The School Board voted against Race to the Top and do not support the Common Core.
  • The curriculum development team is working like crazy to develop the curriculum for this year. As of last week, they have only developed until October. I have no doubt that they are doing the very best that they can for our children and our teachers, but it is not the way that a curriculum should be developed.
  • BESE member, James Garvey, voted for Race to the Top and when asked toward the end of the meeting if he supported Common Core, he said yes.