Every time I hear someone tell me they think the Common Core State Standards are a good thing, they spout off the usual talking points about it making students college and career ready, higher expectations, and aligning standards across states so that there is consistency in education. So why am I against them?

#3 – Louisiana Birth to Five Early Learning & Develpment Standards (ELDS)

See page 4 – under key highlights:

“Are aligned with the K-12 Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics;”

Louisiana is aligning Common Core down to birth. Really?? A set of educational standards that have not been tested and no one knows if they will work.

See page 12 – Overview of the Early Learning and Development Standards

“Because children develop at different rates, there is an overlap at the youngest age levels.”

“NOTE: Children should know and be able to do the skills in each age range by the time they reach the end of that age level.”

I see only a two month overlap at age 9-11 months and again at 16-18 months. No overlap past that.

I am no child development expert. I am just a parent. I would not want my child assessed by the state on whether or not he accepted healthy eating choices when offered.