Every time I hear someone tell me they think the Common Core State Standards are a good thing, they spout off the usual talking points about them making students college and career ready, higher expectations, and aligning standards across states so that there is consistency in education. So why am I against them?

#1- How can I trust that they are right for my child and the other children in the public school system?

Well I am sorry, but I just can’t! The state of Louisiana has not earned that trust by the WAY they have implemented the standards into our schools.

When did you first hear about the Common Core? For me, it was after it was already being forced into our schools with very little transition for older children. These standards have been handed down from on high and we do not have any say in the matter. I have a problem with anyone telling me that they know what is best for me without getting my input. It reeks of control and power and the idea that they are somehow better than me.

So, if they truly were the right thing for our children, they would have been implemented in the right way. With transparency and allowing input from the people affected the most – parents of school age children and teachers.