Even if the Common Core is the savior of the education system, which most undoubtedly it is not, how can you just throw it in mid-stream and expect children who are half way through their education to not be knock off their feet? The underhanded, hurried way that it is being implemented should tell you how much concern they have for the kids. It is all about power and control and federal funding.

To implement any major change in the way kids are educated, it should be phased in gradually with the children just entering the school system. As it stands now, children anywhere in any grades higher than Kindergarten are caught in the middle and will be behind this year. The further along, the more drastic the effect. They will not know what to expect and will suffer because of that. Example: I felt that my son’s transition from elemetary school to middle school was the worst we have faced so far. He struggled all year due to a completely different set of expectations thrust on upon him without any time to adjust not to mention the LEAP test hanging over his head. Multiply that at every grade level for the Common Core. I am sure teachers have a lot to say about this subject, also. I value your opinions since you are on the front lines of this battle.