Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Well, that is the message that comes when you tie educational funding to standardized testing. Our children are being told that they are failures and because of this their teachers are being fired, their schools are being closed, their states are losing federal funding for education, and ultimately, the United States will become a 3rd world country because they are not trying hard enough. But the education reformers think that they can make them try harder by raising the bar with more strenuous standardized testing.

Imagine a child trying to put together a 20 piece puzzle. If he has not done a puzzle before, he most likely will fail on his first attempt. Instead of encouraging the child to try again until he masters the skill (teaching him that failure is a part of life but if you persevere you will accomplish the task and develop skills to handle more challenging tasks in the future), the DOE says you are not trying hard enough and dumps 20 more pieces into the mix – now try it again. It is more challenging now – that should make him try harder. I don’t think so. I imagine that the child will look at that pile of puzzle pieces and think to himself – If I could not figure out how to do the puzzle when it was only 20 pieces, how can I ever hope to do one with so many more? He will give up and that will be the beginning of the end. That will be how we become a 3rd world country, because of the bureaucrats who teach our children to give up.