B.S. On Your Collar (Says Your Argument’s Untrue): Another Common Core Lie Exposed

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This says it so much better than a previous post of mine about the way Common Core has been implemented.


A Brief Audit of Bill Gates’ Common Core Spending

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A Brief Audit of Bill Gates’ Common Core Spending.

This is exactly what everyone needs to know. This effort is not state-led. Our education system is being bought by a man whose ego is unbelievable because he thinks that he has the right to tell everyone in the country how to educate their children. He views himself as the savior of the country.

But the politicians are even worse because they are allowing it to happen. And not just allowing it, but clamoring to be first in line to take his money!

Are You C2 Ready??!!!???

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You knew it was coming…Children singing about Common Core. The audio is bad but you get the idea.

If someone made my child sing about the Common Core, I do not think I could restrain myself!!!

Beware of “Everyday Mathematics”

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I have been saying for a while that our kids are not getting what they need in math. This finally explains why. They are not being taught the basic fundamentals, instead it is some confusing convoluted process that is supposed to make them think. All it does is muck up their brains to try and learn this way. I am not against learning alternate ways to solve problems (I do it with my son), but after the basics are mastered.

Yesterday I came to realize that this started way before the Common Core. Imagine that our current math is a pile of garbage and that the Common Core is just putting more garbage on top of the pile that has never been cleaned up in the first place. You cannot build on top of garbage, you just end up with a bigger mess when it collapses. And when it collapses our children will be buried underneath.


A week ago, I was contacted by a Louisiana parent whose child was subjected to a K – 6 math “curriculum” developed by the University of Chicago Mathematics project and published by McGraw Hill, Everyday Mathematics. Three editions of Everyday Mathematics have been released, the most recent in 2007.

A major flaw with Everyday Mathematics is the teaching of inefficient mathematical algorithms (the formulas and sequential steps one uses in order to perform a math problem). In general, the kids don’t master mathematical operations; instead, they become steeped in confusing procedures. Everyday Mathematics is also calculator-dependent. This Seattle blogger notes particular deficits of the supposedly-CCSS-aligned curriculum that in 1999 was rejected outright by the math and science communities:

Almost as soon as the first edition was released, it became part of a nationwide controversy over reform mathematics. In October 1999, US Department of Education issued a report labeling Everyday Mathematics one of five…

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This is how much they care about the children…

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Even if the Common Core is the savior of the education system, which most undoubtedly it is not, how can you just throw it in mid-stream and expect children who are half way through their education to not be knock off their feet? The underhanded, hurried way that it is being implemented should tell you how much concern they have for the kids. It is all about power and control and federal funding.

To implement any major change in the way kids are educated, it should be phased in gradually with the children just entering the school system. As it stands now, children anywhere in any grades higher than Kindergarten are caught in the middle and will be behind this year. The further along, the more drastic the effect. They will not know what to expect and will suffer because of that. Example: I felt that my son’s transition from elemetary school to middle school was the worst we have faced so far. He struggled all year due to a completely different set of expectations thrust on upon him without any time to adjust not to mention the LEAP test hanging over his head. Multiply that at every grade level for the Common Core. I am sure teachers have a lot to say about this subject, also. I value your opinions since you are on the front lines of this battle.

Gesell Institute: The Common Core Standards are Wrong for Young Children

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Gesell Institute: The Common Core Standards are Wrong for Young Children.

The Common Core supporters keep saying the same old talking points, but they never address the legitimate concerns raised about them being inappropriate for young children.

Our Children Are Failing the Nation

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Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Well, that is the message that comes when you tie educational funding to standardized testing. Our children are being told that they are failures and because of this their teachers are being fired, their schools are being closed, their states are losing federal funding for education, and ultimately, the United States will become a 3rd world country because they are not trying hard enough. But the education reformers think that they can make them try harder by raising the bar with more strenuous standardized testing.

Imagine a child trying to put together a 20 piece puzzle. If he has not done a puzzle before, he most likely will fail on his first attempt. Instead of encouraging the child to try again until he masters the skill (teaching him that failure is a part of life but if you persevere you will accomplish the task and develop skills to handle more challenging tasks in the future), the DOE says you are not trying hard enough and dumps 20 more pieces into the mix – now try it again. It is more challenging now – that should make him try harder. I don’t think so. I imagine that the child will look at that pile of puzzle pieces and think to himself – If I could not figure out how to do the puzzle when it was only 20 pieces, how can I ever hope to do one with so many more? He will give up and that will be the beginning of the end. That will be how we become a 3rd world country, because of the bureaucrats who teach our children to give up.